TIDA-010011 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

High efficiency power supply architecture reference design for protection relay processor module


This reference design showcases various power architectures for generating multiple voltage rails for an application processor module: requiring >1A load current and high efficiency . The required power supply is generated using 5-: 12- or 24-V DC input from the backplane. Power supplies are generated using DC-DC converters with an integrated FET and a power module with an integrated inductor for size. The design features a HotRod™ package type for applications requiring low EMI. It is also optimal for design time constrained applications. Additional features include DDR termination regulator: input supply OR-ing: voltage sequencing: eFuse for overload protection: and voltage and load current monitoring. This design can be used with a  processor: digital signal processor and field-programmable gate array. It has been tested for radiated emission: per CISPR22 meeting class A and B requirements.

  • Power supply generation with 24-V input using synchronous step down DC-DC converter with integrated FET: compact nano power module with excellent load transient performance and accurate output regulationPower modules in QFN package that offer optimal thermal performanceDC-DC converters in HotRod™ package for low EMIPower supply generation with 12-V input using OR-ing controller for redundant operation interfaced to high efficiency DC-DC converter or external evaluation modulePoint of load (POL) supply generation with 5-V input using PMIC : DC-DC converter and linear regulators or DC-DC converter > 3A load with improved low load efficiency and load sharingClean supply using 1A: dual-output: low dropout linear regulator with low-noise: high-bandwidth PSRRR
  • String inverter
  • Oscilloscope (DSO)
  • Digital multimeter (DMM)
  • Aircraft cockpit display
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Lab & field Instrumentation
  • Fault indicator (FI)
  • AC charging (pile) station
  • Laser distance meter
  • DC charging (pile) station
  • Power quality analyzer
  • Multifunction relay
  • AC analog input module
  • Processor module
  • Wired communication modules
  • Expansion module
  • EV charging station HMI module
  • Wireless EV charging station
  • Substation automation
  • Circuit breaker (ACB
  • MCCB
  • VCB)
Product Categories
  • Power management