TIDA-00994 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

RGB LED Signal Tower With Wi-Fi Interface Reference Design


The objective of the TIDA-00994 reference design is to develop an embedded firmware of a multi-segment RGB signal tower used in factory floor and industrial process automation of greater complexity. A Wi-Fi interface is implemented to control the stack light and read back status information. The CC3200 SimpleLink Wi-Fi offers a Wi-Fi access point as  well as an embedded web server for reading status information and controlling the stack light.

  • Flexible and easy-to-control RGB LED tower light design
  • Different switchable modes: demo, temperature, humidity, and stack light
  • Controllable through Wi-Fi interface
  • One to five RGB LED segments with four individual channels each
  • Adjustable maximum LED current up to 60 mA per channel
  • Signage
Product Categories
  • Power Management