TIDA-00916 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Sensorless High-Speed FOC Reference Design for Drone ESC


ESC modules are important subsystems for non-military drones and users demanding more efficient models that provide longer flight times and higher dynamic behavior with smoother and more stable performance. This design implements an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) commonly used for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) or drones.

The speed control is done sensorless, and the motor has been tested up to 1.2 kHz electrical frequency (12kRPM with a 6 pole pair motor), using FOC speed control. Our high-speed sensorless-FOC reference design for Drone ESCs provides best-in-class FOC algorithm implementation to achieve longer flight time, better dynamic performance and higher integration, resulting smaller board size and fewer BOM components. Sensorless high speed FOC control using TI’s FAST™ software observer leveraging InstaSPIN-Motion™ C2000™ LaunchPad and DRV8305 BoosterPack.

  • InstaSPIN-FOC™ sensorless FOC achieves highest dynamic performance. Tested up to 12,000 RPM with 3 LiPo cells
  • High dynamic performance: 1 kRPM to 10 kRPM (electrical frequency 100 Hz to 1 kHz) speed in <0.2 s to provide high performance yaw and pitch movement
  • Fast speed reversal capability for roll movement
  • Longer flight time due to improved efficiency of FOC over block commutation
  • Higher PWM switching frequency, tested up to 60 kHz to reduce current/torque ripple with low inductance / high-speed motors, and to avoid interference with ultrasonic sensors
  • Fast time-to market due to InstaSPIN-FOC’s automatic motor parameter identification: auto-tuning sensorless FOC solution
  • Motor temperature estimation from winding resistance changes to protect motor from damage during temporary overload conditions


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DRV83053PHP DRV83053PHP Buy Datasheet
DRV83053PHPR DRV83053PHPR Buy Datasheet
LMR16006XDDCR LMR16006XDDCR Buy Datasheet
LMR16006YDDCR LMR16006YDDCR Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28069M TMS320F28069M Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28069MPFPQ TMS320F28069MPFPQ Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28069MPNT TMS320F28069MPNT Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28069MPZT TMS320F28069MPZT Buy Datasheet

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