TIDA-00915 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Three-Phase High PWM Frequency GaN Inverter Reference Design for 200V AC Servo Drives


The TIDA-00915 design is a three-phase inverter for driving 200-V AC servo motors with 2 kWPEAK. It features 600 V and a 12-A LMG3410 gallium nitride (GaN) power module with an integrated FET and gate driver. GaN FETs can switch much faster than silicon FETs, and integrating the driver in the same package reduces parasitic inductances and optimizes switching performance to reduce power loss, thus allowing the designer to downsize the heat sink. The space savings are beneficial for compact servo drives and motor integrated drives. Operating the inverter at a high switching frequency of 100 kHz reduces the current ripple, which improves torque ripple when used with low-inductance motors. This improves performance in position control application.

  • High PWM switching frequency (up to 100 kHz) allows for driving low-inductance motor with minimum current ripple
  • 600V and 12A LMG3410 GaN FET with integrated gate driver reduces PCB form factor and layout complexity
  • Very fast switching transition < 25ns without any switch node voltage ringing reduces EMI
  • High efficiency power stage (> 98% at 100kHz PWM, 99% at 24kHz PWM) reduce heat sink size
  • Protection against gate undervoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature
  • AC Drive Energy Recovery
  • AC Drive Power Stage Module
  • Servo Drive Energy Recovery
  • Servo Drive Power Stage Module
Product Categories
  • Power Management

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Three-Phase High PWM Frequency GaN Inverter Ref Design for 200-V AC Servo Drives

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