TIDA-00905 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Fluxgate Magnetic Current Sensing Reference Design with High Linearity for 3–Phase Inverters


The TIDA-00905 reference design provides a reference solution for accuracy, high linearity and the galvanic isolation required for current measurement in three phase inverters using closed-loop fluxgate magnetic current sensors. It consists of magnetic core with compensation winding interfaced to driver IC with built-in fluxgate sensor. The design provides a pseudo differential output with an option to connect to 3.3V or 5V ADCs. Hardware circuit for over current and ground fault detection enables over-current protection of power switches.

  • Designed to accurately measure three phase inverter currents up to 50ARMS (nominal) and 150A (maximum)
  • 200 kHz bandwidth, closed-loop current sensing using magnetic module and fluxgate sensor (DRV421) to enable low propagation delay in current measurement
  • Calibrated current measurement accuracy of ±1% (typical) across temperature range from -25°C to 85°C
  • Hardware based overload and ground fault detection enables fast response for protection of power switches


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TLC372 TLC372 Buy Datasheet

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