TIDA-00858 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Novel: High Efficiency Full-Bridge Rectifier Reference Design


TIDA-00858 implements a high efficiency novel approach to Full Bridge Rectifier. This TI Design replaces diodes with four N-Channel MOSFETs: combined with LM74670-Q1 Smart Diode Controllers in a Full Bridge Rectifier configuration.  The LM74670-Q1 solution is highly effective zero IQ replacement of lossy diodes. This design can produce a rectified DC voltage without diode forward voltage drop for AC input voltage up to 45V. This LM74670-Q1 solution based full bridge rectifier can handle AC input of 300Hz frequency and up to 100A output current with less thermal management compared to schottky diode rectifier.

  • Supports AC input voltage up to 45VFast Response to Dynamic Current Reversal: More efficienty solution for high current rectifiersSupports AC input frequency up to 300HzZero IQ and smaller reverse leakage current compared to diodes rectifier
  • Video doorbell
  • Encoder & decoder
  • Door operator drive control
  • Thermal imaging camera
  • IP network camera
Product Categories
  • Power management


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TIDA-00858 Gerber 30 Nov 2015 ZIP 168
TIDA-00858 CAD Files 30 Nov 2015 ZIP 1450
TIDA-00858 PCB 30 Nov 2015 PDF 250
TIDA-00858 Assembly Drawing 30 Nov 2015 PDF 58
TIDA-00858 BOM 30 Nov 2015 PDF 34
TIDA-00858 Schematic 30 Nov 2015 PDF 134