TIDA-00848 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Reference Design for Segment LCD Control Using GPIO Pins to Increase System Flexibility


The TIDA-00848 reference design provides an innovative solution for adding LCD functionality to any Smart Grid or IoT application: where seven-segment LCD operation is required but the LCD dsiplay does not have to be always on. Using a few resistors and optimized GPIO control software on a CC1310 SimpleLinkTM Wireless MCU: a seven-segment LCD support is implemented. This design approach can be used with any TI microcontrollers without an on-chip LCD controller module.

  • Innovative solution for driving Seven-segment LCD thru GPIOs by CC1310 SimpleLink Wireless MCUOnly 26 I/Os needed for driving 80 seg-ments of a 4-MUX: 1/3-biased LCDSensor controller peripheral senses the capacitive touch PCB area and reads out the LMT70A sensors periodically2-layer PCB With HCA form factor using a 96-segment 4-MUX LCD and cap touch area for LCD ON/OFFAverage current: 835 nA @ 3.6 V (LCD OFF); 338 uA @ 3.6 V (80 LCD segments ON) under TI RTOS framework
  • Electricity meter
  • Water meter
  • Gas meter
  • Desktop POS
  • Heat meter
  • ATMs (Automated Teller Machines)
  • Single board computer
  • Rugged PC & laptop
  • Telemetry & RTUs
  • Solar charge controller
  • Stand-alone remote IO
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  • SimpleLink Solutions


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TIDA-00848 Gerber 02 Jun 2016 ZIP 688
TIDA-00848 PCB 3D 02 Jun 2016 PDF 939
TIDA-00848 Altium 02 Jun 2016 ZIP 904
TIDA-00848 PCB Layer Plots 02 Jun 2016 PDF 1341
TIDA-00848 Assembly Drawing 02 Jun 2016 PDF 212
TIDA-00848 BOM 02 Jun 2016 PDF 161
TIDA-00848 Schematic and Block Diagram 02 Jun 2016 PDF 487