TIDA-00811 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Accurate Temperature, Light Sensing, and Diagnostics Reference Design for Smart Grid Applications


This reference design provides accurate measurements of ambient light intensity used to detect arc flash faults with a fast response of 1 ms, protecting or minimizing damages to power distribution switchgear. This design also monitors temperature (using switch, analog, digital or remote ), humidity, dust, and pressure accurately for online monitoring of busbar, transformers, and capacitor banks for early indication of faults, insulation failures, or ageing, resulting in increased operational life. This design provides a unique diagnostics approach within 1 ms during low load current for diagnostics of an ambient light sensor (ALS), increasing the system reliability. The sensors can be interfaced to microcontrollers with I2C or a low-power, wireless interface to perform weather transmitter functions for continuous online monitoring to simplify the system design.

  • Measures light, temperature, humidity, dust, vibration and pressure with support for multiple types of temperature and ambient light sensors
  • Measures arc flash light using analog output ambient light sensor for fast response of <1 ms
  • Uses 10-bit SAR ADC with I2C interface and alert output to measure output of ALS
  • Deisgn uses hardware comparator for fast fault response to ambient light changes. Threshold can be set using 10-bit DAC or digital potentiometer
  • Measures remote temperature using daisy-chain UART interface, alert output, and capability to daisy chain or multiplex sensors
  • Supports accurate diagnostics of ambient light and temperature sensor with diagnostics time of ~1ms allowing online diagnostics
  • Fault Indicator (FI)
  • Terminal Unit (RTU, DTU, FTU, TTU)
  • Multi Function Relay
Product Categories
  • Data Converters

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