TIDA-00803 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive Power Design for Front Camera Systems Using Single-Core Voltage Application Processors


This reference design provides a broadly-applicable automotive power design for a variety of ADAS processors: focusing on front and rear camera applications. The design supports an input range of 4 V to 48 V to supply common processor power rails through discrete components.  This adds to the versatility of the design while providing an optimized layout to help you achieve automotive compliance for EMI/EMC regulatory requirements associated with producing an automotive electronic subsystem.

  •  Power design for a wide array of ADAS processorsDesigned for wide-Vin and cold-crank conditionsSize-optimized design (83.0 mm x 57.0 mm)Supports peripheral power supply needs such as CMOS sensor: inputs and outputs (I/Os): memory: and secondary microcontroller (MCU)Uses an input filter for improved EMI and EMC performance
  • Front camera
  • Mirror replacement/camera mirror system
  • Automotive thermal camera
  • Drive assist ECU
  • Imaging radar
  • Conditionally automated drive controller
Product Categories
  • Power management


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TIDA-00803 Gerber 30 Mar 2016 ZIP 824
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TIDA-00803 CAD Files 30 Mar 2016 ZIP 1016
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TIDA-00803 BOM 30 Mar 2016 PDF 90
TIDA-00803 Schematic and Block Diagram 30 Mar 2016 PDF 772