TIDA-00766 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Differential Pulse Train Output (PTO) Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Module Reference Design


The differential Pulse Train Output (PTO) module TI Design illustrates the design of a differential high speed digital output module using RS-485 driver powered from the PLC backplane using isolated Fly-Buck power converter. The reference design is mainly used in positioning and motion control systems to allow simple distant high speed motor control in noisy environments.

  • 4 high speed differential digital output channels1 MHz pulse frequency25 mA maximum load current per channel for 100Ω load750 mW total power consumption from backplane isolated power stage (150 mA)Parallel control for simple MCU interfaceBeaglebone Black cape form factor for easy evaluation using TIDEP0027
  • Digital output module
  • Telemetry & RTUs
  • Injection molding machine
  • Industrial robot I/O module
  • Circuit breaker
  • Stand-alone remote IO
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  • Interface


Part Number Name Companion Part
ISO7140CC ISO7140CC Buy Datasheet
SN65LBC174A SN65LBC174A Buy Datasheet
TPS55010 TPS55010 Buy Datasheet

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TIDA-00766 Gerber 10 Aug 2016 ZIP 274
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