TIDA-00765 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

1g Resolution over 15kg Range Sub-100nVpp Noise Front-End Reference Design


TIDA-00765 is a less than 100nVpp analog front end for resistive strain gauge bridge load cell-based weight and vibration measurement. It is ideally suited for appliances: which require high-resolution due to large dynamic range or have considerable weight offset. In the face of significant levels of switching supply noise and rapid temperature changes: drift and interference are common issues in harsh environments. The design’s high integration: AC excitation: and robust filtering suppress drift and interference to ensure consistent performance in tough environments.

  • Captures outputs of both multiple and single resistive strain gauge-based load cell bridges simultaneouslyConsistent AC excitation robustly eliminates drift introduced by parasitic thermocouples and other causesHighly robust to >500mVpp 100-kHz switching-supply noiseCaptures vibrations up to 500 Hz with sample rate ≤2 kSps
  • Process Analytics (pH
  • Gas
  • Concentration
  • Force & Humidity)
  • Lab & field Instrumentation
  • Oven
  • Mixer
  • blender & food processor
  • Mobile robot CPU board
  • Cooking top
  • CT & PET scanner
  • Weigh scale
  • X-ray systems
Product Categories
  • Data converters


Part Number Name Companion Part
ADS1220 ADS1220 Buy Datasheet
LP5907 LP5907 Buy Datasheet
MSP430G2553 MSP430G2553 Buy Datasheet
TPD4E1U06 TPD4E1U06 Buy Datasheet
TS5A21366 TS5A21366 Buy Datasheet


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TIDA-00765 Design File 01 Apr 2016 ZIP 3319
TIDA-00765 Gerber 01 Apr 2016 ZIP 434
TIDA-00765 PCB 01 Apr 2016 PDF 1764
TIDA-00765 Assembly Drawing 01 Apr 2016 PDF 250
TIDA-00765 BOM 01 Apr 2016 PDF 63
TIDA-00765 Schematic 01 Apr 2016 PDF 690