TIDA-00756 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Always-on Low-power Gas Sensing with 10+ Year Coin Cell Battery Life Reference Design


The TIDA-00756 TI Design uses nano-power operational amplifiers: comparators: system timers: temperature sensors: and the SimpleLink™ ultra-low power 2.4-GHz wireless microcontroller (MCU) platform to demonstrate an ultra-low power carbon monoxide detector implementation. These technologies lead to an extremely long battery life: over 10 years with a standard CR2032 lithium ion coin cell battery: which could be used for applications including gas detection or air quality monitoring. The carbon monoxide detector has sensitivity up to 1000 ppm with a standby current of 1.07-µA. The design guide includes techniques for system design: detailed test results: and information to get the design up and running quickly.

  • Use of nano-power analog ultra-low-power design resulting in 10-year battery life from single CR2032 coin cellCarbon monoxide gas sensor and analog logic always powered on to enable continuous monitoring and fast response timesBluetooth® Low Energy (BL) wireless connectivity reduces installation costs and allows multiple sensors to communicate with single hostSelf-check and end-of-life monitoring recognizes malfunctioning gas sensor and reports status every five minutes (configurable)Carbon monoxide gas detection range of 0 to 1000 ppm with ±15% accuracy
  • Smoke & heat detector
  • Wireless environmental sensor
  • Gas detector
  • Electronic thermometer
  • Fitness machine
  • Air quality & gas detection
  • Fire safety sounder
  • speaker
  • strobe
  • Lighting sensor
  • Electric toothbrush
  • Clinical digital thermometer
  • Digital stethoscope
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