TIDA-00675 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Power Reduction Using Dynamic Switching Reference Design


The TIDA-00675 shows the power reduction benefits of dynamically switching a load on/off using a load switch. The design guide shows how frequency of switching: duty cycle: and the use of a discharge resistor can have an impact on power consumption.

  • Power consumption benefits when switching a load on/off dynamicallyEffects of frequency: duty cycle: and load current on power consumptionUse of load switch with and without quick output discharge for dynamic switchingThis design is tested and includes data for each use case
  • Process analytics
  • Lab & field Instrumentation
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM25117-Q1 LM25117-Q1 Buy Datasheet
LMC555 LMC555 Buy Datasheet
TPS62090-Q1 TPS62090-Q1 Buy Datasheet
TPS7A6550-Q1 TPS7A6550-Q1 Buy Datasheet

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TIDA-00675 Gerber 09 Dec 2015 ZIP 584
TIDA-00675 CAD Files 09 Dec 2015 ZIP 1828
TIDA-00675 PCB 09 Dec 2015 PDF 3703
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TIDA-00675 BOM 09 Dec 2015 PDF 92
TIDA-00675 Schematic and Block Diagram 09 Dec 2015 PDF 1027