TIDA-00565 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

USB Type-C Audio Adapter Accessory Mode Reference Design


The USB Type-C audio adapter accessory mode reference design provides the solution for transmitting analog audio through the USB Type-C interface. This reference design demonstrates how analog audio can be transmitted to system peripherals using the USB Type-C standard audio adapter accessory mode, while still maintaining the ability to transfer USB data over the same USB Type-C connector.

  • Supports analog audio through USB Type-C connector
  • Low total harmonic distortion (THD) = <-85 dB (0.005%) at 1 Vpp
  • Replaces large 3.5-mm audio jack with smaller Type-C connector
  • Protects microcontrollers from negative voltage swings from analog audio
  • Supports USB Power Delivery
  • Notebook PC
  • Desktop PC
  • Handset: Smartphone
Product Categories
  • USB
  • Interface


Part Number Name Companion Part
TPD4E05U06 TPD4E05U06 Buy Datasheet
TS5USBA224 TS5USBA224 Buy Datasheet
CSD17309Q3 CSD17309Q3 Buy Datasheet
TPS65982AAZQZR TPS65982AAZQZR Datasheet
TPS65982AAZQZR TPS65982AAZQZR Datasheet
TS3A227ERVAR TS3A227ERVAR Buy Datasheet

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TIDA-00565 Layer Plots 09 Jun 2016 ZIP 1208
TIDA-00565 Gerber Files 09 Jun 2016 ZIP 2287
TIDA-00565 CAD Files 09 Jun 2016 ZIP 1719
TIDA-00565 BOM Files 09 Jun 2016 ZIP 179
TIDA-00565 Schematic Files 09 Jun 2016 ZIP 453
TIDA-00565 Assembly Files 09 Jun 2016 ZIP 182