TIDA-00525 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

12V BLDC Server Fan with Sensorless Sinusoidal Control


This is a reference design for a 12V 3-phase brushless DC fan: intended for server cooling applications.  It is based on a single IC controller: the DRV10975: which drives sensorless BLDC motors with sinusoidal current that minimizes acoustic noise and torque ripple.  The design requires no microcontroller or firmware: enabling a faster time to market.

  • Cost-optimized and high performance.Runs Sunon's standard off the shelf  BLDC  fan (SG40281B1): and PCB matches the form factor.Supports 20k RPM with 12V 7W input.Sinusoidal sensor-less control at 25kHz for minimized torque ripple and audible noise.Flexible support across other fan models with its tunable register settings.Design has been built and proven.
  • Spectrometer
  • Automotive test
  • Oven
  • DC-input BLDC motor drive
  • DC fast charging station
  • Air conditioner indoor unit
  • Professional video camera
  • Wireless EV charging station
  • Cooking top
  • DC wallbox charger
Product Categories
  • Amplifiers

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TIDA-00525 Gerber 17 Mar 2015 ZIP 149
TIDA-00525 CAD Files 17 Mar 2015 ZIP 150
TIDA-00525 PCB 17 Mar 2015 PDF 300
TIDA-00525 Assembly Drawing 17 Mar 2015 PDF 61
TIDA-00525 BOM 17 Mar 2015 PDF 198
TIDA-00525 Schematic 17 Mar 2015 PDF 136