TIDA-00479 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Optimal Clock Sources for GSPS ADCs Reference Design


The ADC12D1600RFRB reference design provides a platform to demonstrate a high speed digitizer application which incorporates clocking: power management: and signal processing. The reference design utilizes the 1.6 GSPS ADC12D1600RF device: onboard FPGA Xilinx Virtex 4: and high performance clock synthesizer LMX2531 to meet the system requirements of a 9 bit ENOB high speed digitizer.

  • 2 Channels of GSPS analog-to-digital conversionGreater than 9 bits ENOB over wide input frequency rangeProtoype for low cost dual channel high speed digitizer for test and measurement systems
  • Oscilloscope (DSO)
  • Data acquisition (DAQ)
  • Vector signal transceiver (VST)
  • Wireless communications test
Product Categories
  • Data converters


Part Number Name Companion Part
ADC12D1000 ADC12D1000 Buy Datasheet
ADC12D1000RF ADC12D1000RF Buy Datasheet
ADC12D1600 ADC12D1600 Buy Datasheet
ADC12D1600RF ADC12D1600RF Buy Datasheet
ADC12D1800 ADC12D1800 Buy Datasheet
ADC12D1800RF ADC12D1800RF Buy Datasheet
ADC12D500RF ADC12D500RF Buy Datasheet
ADC12D800RF ADC12D800RF Buy Datasheet
LMX2531 LMX2531 Buy Datasheet

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