TIDA-00449 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

10s Battery Pack Monitoring: Balancing: and Comprehensive Protection. 50A Discharge Reference Design


This reference design is ready tested for 10 cells in series battery pack monitoring: balancing and protection for power tools. Power tools increasingly use highly power-dense Li-Ion or Li-Iron phosphate cells based battery packs that need to be protected from explosion due to incorrect charging or discharging. TIDA-00449 also achieves thermal requirements for power tool battery packs when discharging at high continuous current.

  • Battery pack designed for 36 V (10-cell Li-Ion or  Li-Iron phosphate based): 50-A max continuous discharge currentMonitoring of cell voltages: pack current: pack temperatures and protection by controlling charge/discharge FETs and cell balancingHardware protection for overcurrent in discharge: short circuit in discharge: overvoltage and under voltageUltra-small footprint: low on-resistance: low Qg and Qgd FemtoFET MOSFETs on board for passive balancing current up to 150-mA per cellLow quiescence current and ultra-low power state for shipmentOn-board host microcontroller to enable implementation of battery fuel gauging
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Cordless power tool
  • DIN rail power supply
  • Vacuum robot
  • Cordless handheld garden tool
  • Battery energy storage system
  • Other industrial battery pack (>=10S)
  • Robotic lawn mower
  • Marine equipment
  • Humanoid
  • Battery pack: non-military drone
  • Battery backup unit (BBU)
  • Battery pack: cordless power tool
  • Battery pack: vacuum cleaner/robot
  • Other industrial battery pack (1S-9S)
  • 2-wheeler & 3-wheeler battery pack
  • Injection molding machine
  • Mobile robot motor control
  • Portable power station
Product Categories
  • Power management

End Equipment Reference Diagrams

Application Area End Equipment
Cordless vacuum cleaner https://www.ti.com/solution/cordless-vacuum-cleaner#referencedesigns
Cordless power tool https://www.ti.com/solution/cordless-power-tool#referencedesigns
DIN rail power supply https://www.ti.com/solution/din-rail-power-supply#referencedesigns
Vacuum robot https://www.ti.com/solution/vacuum-robot#referencedesigns
Cordless handheld garden tool https://www.ti.com/solution/cordless-handheld-garden-tool#referencedesigns
Battery energy storage system https://www.ti.com/solution/battery-energy-storage-system#referencedesigns
Other industrial battery pack (>=10S) https://www.ti.com/solution/other-industrial-battery-pack-equalto-greaterthan-10s#referencedesigns
Robotic lawn mower https://www.ti.com/solution/robotic-lawn-mower#referencedesigns
Marine equipment https://www.ti.com/solution/marine-equipment#referencedesigns
Humanoid https://www.ti.com/solution/humanoid#referencedesigns
Battery pack: non-military drone https://www.ti.com/solution/battery-pack-non-military-drone#referencedesigns
Battery backup unit (BBU) https://www.ti.com/solution/battery-backup-unit-bbu#referencedesigns
Battery pack: cordless power tool https://www.ti.com/solution/battery-pack-cordless-power-tool#referencedesigns
Battery pack: vacuum cleaner/robot https://www.ti.com/solution/battery-pack-vacuum-cleaner-robot#referencedesigns
Other industrial battery pack (1S-9S) https://www.ti.com/solution/other-industrial-battery-pack-1s-9s#referencedesigns
2-wheeler & 3-wheeler battery pack https://www.ti.com/solution/2-wheeler-3-wheeler-battery-pack#referencedesigns
Injection molding machine https://www.ti.com/solution/injection-molding-machine#referencedesigns
Mobile robot motor control https://www.ti.com/solution/mobile-robot-motor-control#referencedesigns
Portable power station https://www.ti.com/solution/portable-power-station#referencedesigns


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430G2553 MSP430G2553 Buy Datasheet
TPS3839G33 TPS3839G33 Buy Datasheet


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Other Documents

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TIDA-00449 Gerber 30 Sep 2015 ZIP 512
TIDA-00449 CAD Files 30 Sep 2015 ZIP 3631
TIDA-00449 PCB 30 Sep 2015 PDF 3485
TIDA-00449 Assembly Drawing 30 Sep 2015 PDF 517
TIDA-00449 BOM 30 Sep 2015 PDF 221
TIDA-00449 Schematic and Block Diagram 30 Sep 2015 PDF 994