TIDA-00380 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

CAN to Wi-Fi Gateway Reference Design


The TIDA-00380 CAN to Wi-Fi Gateway is a reference design that shows how to add Wi-Fi connectivity to a CAN network. The design provides a simple way for users to gain access to the CAN bus traffic via a web page. This connection can be used for diagnostics or to add the capability to control the CAN bus. This TI Design provides a complete solution with design files and test results.

  • Adds Wi-Fi Connection capability to a CAN networkCANopen interface provides an industry standard connectionCan be used in ISO11898-2 compliant systems5 Volt power input for easy integration with existing systems
  • Light commercial indoor air handler
  • Telehealth systems
  • HVAC gateway
  • Thermostat
  • HVAC large commercial system controller
  • Gas detector
  • Communication module
  • Rugged PC & laptop
  • Fire alarm control panel (FACP)
  • Air quality & gas detection
  • Position sensor
  • Railway information systems
  • Elevator main control panel
  • Door operator drive control
  • HVAC motor control
  • Trackside signaling & control systems
  • Marine equipment
  • Machine to machine
  • Light commercial outdoor condensing unit
  • Rail sensing & monitoring systems
Product Categories
  • SimpleLink Solutions


Part Number Name Companion Part
SN65HVD256 SN65HVD256 Buy Datasheet
TM4C1230H6PM TM4C1230H6PM Buy Datasheet
TM4C123FH6PM TM4C123FH6PM Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PGE TM4C123GH6PGE Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PM TM4C123GH6PM Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6PZ TM4C123GH6PZ Buy Datasheet
TM4C123GH6ZRB TM4C123GH6ZRB Buy Datasheet
TPD1E10B06 TPD1E10B06 Buy Datasheet
TPD2E2U06 TPD2E2U06 Buy Datasheet


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Other Documents

Title Updated Type Size (KB)
TIDA-00380 Gerber 01 Oct 2015 ZIP 2531
TIDA-00380 CAD Files 01 Oct 2015 ZIP 1127
TIDA-00380 PCB 01 Oct 2015 PDF 2148
TIDA-00380 Fabrication Drawing 01 Oct 2015 PDF 486
TIDA-00380 Assembly Drawing 01 Oct 2015 PDF 246
TIDA-00380 BOM 01 Oct 2015 PDF 205
TIDA-00380 Schematic and Block Diagram 01 Oct 2015 PDF 834