TIDA-00378 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

PM2.5 and PM10 Particle Sensor Analog Front-End for Air Quality Monitoring Reference Design


The TIDA-00378 TI Design provides an analog front-end solution for measuring PM2.5 and PM10 particle matter. The design detects the light scattered by particles suspended in air. A sample software algorithm is provided to convert the analog output of the design into a particle size and concentration measurement. Test result data for cigarette smoke: Arizona dust: and mulberry pollen is provided along with all software and hardware design files.

  • Analog front-end design for PM2.5 (Dust measurement range from 340 x 103 to 991 x 103 pcs/ft3 (12 to 35 pcs/cm3) at 75% accuracyZero-volt bias to minimize photodetector noise and stabilize performance over temperatureInstrumentation amplifier topology to reject external noise sourcesLow noise: low input bias current: low offset op-amps with rail-to-rail output to maintain high SNR and increase output dynamic rangeTested against Arizona dust: mulberry pollen: and cigarette smoke using adapted ANSI/AHAM AC-1-2013 test standardFull algorithm source code for PM2.5 and PM10 calculation for customization and porting
  • Cordless vacuum cleaner
  • Cooker hood
  • Air quality & gas detection
  • Air conditioner indoor unit
  • Air purifier & humidifier
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Part Number Name Companion Part
INA132 INA132 Buy Datasheet
OPA2320 OPA2320 Buy Datasheet
OPA320 OPA320 Buy Datasheet


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Other Documents

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TIDA-00378 Gerber 03 Dec 2015 ZIP 467
TIDA-00378 CAD Files 03 Dec 2015 ZIP 1422
TIDA-00378 PCB 03 Dec 2015 PDF 847
TIDA-00378 Assembly Drawing 03 Dec 2015 PDF 132
TIDA-00378 BOM 03 Dec 2015 PDF 121
TIDA-00378 Schematic and Block Diagram 03 Dec 2015 PDF 327