TIDA-00352 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

SDI Video Aggregation Reference Design


This verified reference design is a complete four channel SDI aggregation and de-aggregation solution. One TLK10022 is used to aggregate four synchronous HD-SDI sources together into one 5.94 Gbps serial link. The serial data is transferred via copper or optical fiber where a second TLK10022 is used to de-aggregate and seamlessly redisplay the original video content.

  • 1:8 clock distributior synchonizes source inputs with the aggregatorCombines four 720p HD-SDI video sources  into a single serial link for transmission over a single differential pair or optical fiberRecovery: de-aggregation and seamless display of the original video content at remote nodes located hundreds of meters awaySchematic: layout: test data and design documentation are provided for ease of reuseAdaptive equalization and transmit de-emphasis integrated into both low-speed and high-speed side to reduce jitter and increase transmission distance
  • Oscilloscope (DSO)
  • Video recorder
  • Digital multimeter (DMM)
  • Aircraft cockpit display
  • Lab & field Instrumentation
  • Position sensor
  • Railway information systems
  • Arbitrary waveform generator (AWG)
  • Battery test
  • Production switchers & mixers for broadcast
  • Circuit breaker (ACB
  • MCCB
  • VCB)
Product Categories
  • Interface


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CDCLVP1204 CDCLVP1204 Buy Datasheet
CDCM6208 CDCM6208 Buy Datasheet
LMH0034 LMH0034 Buy Datasheet
LMH0202 LMH0202 Buy Datasheet
SN74AVCH1T45 SN74AVCH1T45 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC1G08 SN74LVC1G08 Buy Datasheet
TCA6424A TCA6424A Buy Datasheet
TLK10022 TLK10022 Buy Datasheet
TPS3125J18 TPS3125J18 Buy Datasheet
TPS74401 TPS74401 Buy Datasheet
TXB0108 TXB0108 Buy Datasheet
TXS0108E TXS0108E Buy Datasheet

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Video Aggregation HD-SDI Interface Application Sheet01 Oct 2014PDF1153

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