TIDA-00347 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Low Frequency RF Amplifier Reference Design


Wideband RF amplifiers require external coupling capacitors and an RF choke to supply bias to the output transistor collector.  As the frequency of operation is reduced: the choice of these components must be modified to maintain proper gain and linearity in the device.  This design provides the circuit modification recommendations for operating a wideband RF amplifier device like  the TRF37x73 in the low frequency range.  A full complement of testing over temperature and voltage is provided for very low frequencies (1 MHz - 50 MHz) and intermediate frequencies (20 MHz - 400 MHz) to illustrate the effectiveness of the design.

  • Supports circuit modification recommendation for operation down to 1 MHz.Supports optimized circuit modification for intermediate frequency operation of 20 MHz to 400 MHz.Performance data of Gain: OIP3: NF: and P1dB are provided over temperature and voltage.
  • Small cell base station
  • Macro remote radio unit (RRU)
  • Active antenna system mMIMO (AAS)
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  • Amplifiers



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Other Documents

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TIDA-00347 Gerber 10 Dec 2014 ZIP 213
TIDA-00347 Fabrication Files 10 Dec 2014 ZIP 536
TIDA-00347 Assembly Files 10 Dec 2014 ZIP 664
TIDA-00347 BOM (Low Frequency) 10 Dec 2014 PDF 71
TIDA-00347 BOM (Intermediate Frequency) 10 Dec 2014 PDF 71
TIDA-00347 Schematic 10 Dec 2014 PDF 20