TIDA-00299 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

EtherCAT Slave and Multi-Protocol Industrial Ethernet Reference Design


The TIDA-00299 reference design implements a cost-optimized EtherCAT slave (dual ports) with SPI interface to the application processor. The hardware design is capable of supporting multi-protocol industrial Ethernet and field busses using the AMIC110 industrial communications processor. The design has a 5-V input. A single PMIC generates all rails required onboard. The EtherCAT slave stack can run on the AMIC110 or on the application processor using a serial peripheral interface (SPI). With a hardware switch, the AMIC110 can be configured to boot the EtherCAT slave firmware from SPI flash or to boot from application processor through SPI. The design is in BoosterPack Plug-in Module form factor with a connector compatible to the TI LaunchPad Development Kit for easy evaluation with a C2000 MCU. A JTAG interface accelerates custom firmware development.

  • Passes EtherCAT Slave Conformance Testing (CTT)
  • Software-programmable multi-protocol industrial ethernet and field bus support using AMIC110 communication processor
  • SPI interface with flexibility to run EtherCAT slave stack with onboard AMIC110 processor or on application processor like C2000 MCU
  • Low-latency, robust 10 or 100 MBit ethernet PHYs DP83822
  • Cost-optimized, easy power management using single PMIC to supply entire board from a preregulated 5-V supply
  • Operatioin over industrial temperature range, total board power consumption less than 1.25W in typical use case; no heatsink required for operation up to 85°C ambient
  • Communication Module
  • Servo Drives & Motion Control
  • Industrial Robot Communication Module
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EtherCAT Slave and Multi-Protocol Industrial Ethernet Reference Design

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