TIDA-00284 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Current Controlled Driver for 230V AC Solenoids Reference Design


TIDA-00284 proposes to integrate current control and plunger movement detection into an AC solenoid coil. This reference design provides a solution to control the solenoid current using a PWM-based controller along with a Hall sensor to detect plunger movement and switch from peak current to hold current mode Various applications in the field of industrial automation and material processing will benefit from up-to 70% reduced power consumption: accelerated process time: greatly simplified usage and enhanced monitoring capabilities.

  • PWM based current control optimizes power consumption for peak and hold time or according to fixed time settingsOptional plunger movement detection based on Hall sensorAutomatic switchover from peak to hold current mode at the end of completion of plunger movement or pre-set timerActivates alarm signal on detection of faulty plunger movement: under voltage or controller over temperatureComplies with EN55011-Class A conducted emission limits
  • Actuator
  • Refrigerator & freezer
  • Multiparameter patient monitor
  • Digital output module
  • Ventilators
  • Three phase UPS
  • Power transfer units
  • Flight control system
  • Dishwasher
  • Oven
  • Air conditioner outdoor unit
  • DIN rail power supply
  • Mixed module (AI
  • AO
  • DI
  • DO)
  • AC charging (pile) station
  • Cooker hood
  • Air conditioner indoor unit
  • Mother & neonatal care monitor
  • PLC circuit breakers
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Proximity sensor
  • Substation automation
  • Air purifier & humidifier
  • Dialysis machine
  • Injection molding machine
  • Residential water heater & heating system
Product Categories
  • Amplifiers


Part Number Name Companion Part
DRV110 DRV110 Buy Datasheet
TLV271 TLV271 Buy Datasheet

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TIDA-00284 Gerber 21 Nov 2014 ZIP 314
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TIDA-00284 Schematic 21 Nov 2014 PDF 184