TIDA-00234 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Dual-channel XAUI to SFI Reference Design for Systems with Two or More SFP+ Optical Ports


The TIDA-00234 XAUI to SFI reference design is intended for Enterprise and Service Provider Networking applications like Ethernet Switches and Routers that implement multiple 10G Ethernet compliant Optical (SFP+) ports. This reference design features the TLK10232 device which is the most compact Dual-channel XAUI-to-SFI Transceiver with the lowest power consumption in its category. This reference design allows access to the high-speed signals (up to 10Gbps) generated by the TLK10232 via SMA connectors or an SFP+ Module via the SFP+ optical module cage. Also: featured is the CDCM6208 device that can provide extremely low-jitter Clock input to the TLK10232 in customer systems that do not have one available (or does not meet the jitter requirement of the system).

  • Dual Channel XAUI to SFI reference design which includes SFP+ optical module cage to access high speed signals (up to 10Gbps) Supports flexible clocking schemes including externally-jitter-cleaned clock recovered from the high-speed sideFeatures TLK10232 which is the only Dual-channel XAUI-to-SFI Transceiver with Crosspoint capability in addition to:Smallest footprint (13x13mm) within its class of devices andLowest power consumption per channel (800mW Nominal/Ch)
  • Aircraft cockpit display
  • In-flight entertainment
  • Production switchers & mixers for broadcast
  • Circuit breaker (ACB
  • MCCB
  • VCB)
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  • Interface


Part Number Name Companion Part
CDCLVP1204 CDCLVP1204 Buy Datasheet
CDCM6208 CDCM6208 Buy Datasheet
TCA6424 TCA6424 Buy Datasheet
TLK10232 TLK10232 Buy Datasheet
TPS74401 TPS74401 Buy Datasheet
TXB0108 TXB0108 Buy Datasheet


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