TIDA-00222 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Measurement Module for Branch Circuit Power Monitor Reference Design


This reference design targets measurement accuracy across the rated current range while at the same time being a cost efficient solution. This is achieved by using a highly integrated SoC device which has up to 7 channels of the 24-bit Delta-Sigma ADCs available for current measurement. For voltage measurement a 10-bit SAR ADC is used. With both current and voltage available: power measurement can now be made. This solution also has several options for communication supported such as UART: JTAG: etc. Applications include load management: sub-panels: etc.

  • Precise current measurement through 7 channels of Delta-Sigma ADCsVoltage measurement enabled with integrated SAR ADCExtended temperature range operability of -40 °C to +105 °CIntegrated single chip solution results in a cost and area efficient solutionLarge MSP Family & Roadmap / Scale performance: features: priceMetering library available in source for use on MSPsLow cost: easy to use development tools and reference designs / Fast time-to-market
  • Remote power distribution automation
  • Grid asset monitoring
  • AC analog input module
  • Compact relay
  • Contactors
  • Substation automation
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CSD17571Q2 CSD17571Q2 Buy Datasheet
LM4041B LM4041B Buy Datasheet
MSP430F6779 MSP430F6779 Buy Datasheet
OPA4314 OPA4314 Buy Datasheet
TPS7A6533-Q1 TPS7A6533-Q1 Buy Datasheet

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