TIDA-00209 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Isolated Current Shunt and Voltage Measurement Reference Design for Motor Drives Using AM437x


This reference design uses the AMC130x reinforced isolated delta-sigma modulators along with AM437x Sitara™ ARM® Cortex® -A9 Processor: which implements Sinc filters on PRU-ICSS. The design provides an ability to evaluate the performance of these measurements: three motor currents: three inverter voltages: and the DC Link voltage.  Provided in the reference design is firmware to configure the Sinc filters: set the modulator frequency: and receive data from Sinc filters. A versatile run-time GUI is also provided to help the user validate the AMC130x performance and supports configuration changes to Sinc filter parameters in the Sitara™ Processor.

  • Unique lower input voltage range of 50mV allows use of smaller shunt resitors enabling lower cost and heat dissipationImplements Sinc3 Digital Filters on AM437x Sitara™ ARM® Cortex® -A9 Processor with proprietary programmable real-time unit (PRU-ICSS)Precise measurements across reinfoced isolation barrier : calibrated accuracy of ±0.2%Fast (Run-time Run-time GUI for complete performance analysis of modulator clock: sinc filter parameters: and currrent and voltage waveforms
  • Light commercial indoor air handler
  • AC drive power stage module
  • Power transfer units
  • Textile machine
  • Printing & paper machine
  • Servo drive power stage module
  • Servo drive power supply module
  • DC-input BLDC motor drive
  • HVAC motor control
  • AC analog input module
  • Wired communication modules
  • Light commercial outdoor condensing unit
  • Injection molding machine
Product Categories
  • Data converters


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