TIDA-00193 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

RS-485 Interface with Integrated 1.8V Level-Shift Capability


This circuit demonstrates the implementation of a low power: RS-485 transceiver with selectable data rate and flexible I/O logic levels. A dual-output LDO allows for operation with either 1.8V or 3.3V interface logic levels. A slew rate selection pin allows for driver slew rate control: enabling low-speed data transmission (250kbps) over long distances: or high-speed data transmission (20Mbps) over shorter bus lengths.

  • Interface with 1.8V or 3.3V logic levelsSelectable data rates: 250kbps or 20MbpsConnect up to 256 nodes to the busIEC 61000-4-2 protection up to 16kVIEC 61000-4-4 protection up to 4kV
  • Telehealth systems
Product Categories
  • Interface


Part Number Name Companion Part
SN65HVD01 SN65HVD01 Buy Datasheet
TLV7103318 TLV7103318 Buy Datasheet

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