TIDA-00142 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive High Current Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drive Reference Design


This TIDA-00142 reference design implements a complete control and drive solution for 3-phase brushless DC motors up to about 3 kW in power rating.  The design includes analog circuits: digital processor: and software to spin BLDC motors without the need for position feedback from Hall effect sensors or quadrature encoder.   Operation is demonstrated with a 1 kW motor operating from a 12V supply: similar to many automotive applications.  Test data shows the type of results which are easily measured at the board test points.  References for the software and user documentation are provided to speed development time for similar BLDC motor applications.  This design incorporates the DRV8301-HC-C2-KIT board to create the solution.

  • DRV8301 2.3A sink/1.7A source: three phase inverter with integrated buck converter for 1.5A external loadsC2000 Piccolo F28035 MCU controlCARD – preflashed with code to spin motors using GUI Supports 60V and 82.5A full-scale rangeCCStudio v4.x Integrated Development Environment
  • DC-input BLDC motor drive
  • Door operator drive control
Product Categories
  • Motor drivers

End Equipment Reference Diagrams


Part Number Name Companion Part
DRV8301-Q1 DRV8301-Q1 Buy Datasheet
ISO7241C-Q1 ISO7241C-Q1 Buy Datasheet
OPA365-Q1 OPA365-Q1 Buy Datasheet
SN74LVC2G17-Q1 SN74LVC2G17-Q1 Buy Datasheet
TMS320F28035 TMS320F28035 Buy Datasheet


Other Documents

Title Updated Type Size (KB)
TIDA-00142 Fabrication Drawing 10 Apr 2014 PDF 88
TIDA-00142 Assembly Drawing 10 Apr 2014 PDF 111
TIDA-00142 Gerber 10 Apr 2014 ZIP 329
TIDA-00142 BOM (DRV8301) 10 Apr 2014 PDF 164
TIDA-00142 BOM (F2803x) 10 Apr 2014 PDF 168
TIDA-00142 Schematic and Block Diagram (DRV8301) 10 Apr 2014 PDF 181
TIDA-00142 Schematic (F2803x) 10 Apr 2014 PDF 137