TIDA-00094 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Quad-Channel 250-Msps Digitizer with Variable Gain Amplifier Reference Design


This reference design shows a quad channel: 14-bit: 250-Msps digitizer with wide input range using the LMH6881 programmable differential amplifier and ADS4449 quad-channel: 14-bit: 250-Msps ADC. This combination allows an input voltage range of approximately 1 Vpp to 100 uVpp (4 dBm to -75 dBm) while maintaining a minimum SNR of 6 dB. Performance versus input frequency is shown for both AC and DC coupled applications. Various options for common-mode voltages: power supplies: and interfaces are discussed and measured to meet the requirements of a variety of applications. Anti-aliasing filter examples are shown along with the performance improvements that they provide.

  • Gain range of 6-dB to 26-dB allows wide input voltage range of 100 uVpp to 1 VppAllows single-ended or differential input sourceSFDR > 77 dBFs: SNR > 71 dBFSExamples of both AC and DC coupled interfacesDemonstrates anti-aliasing filter design and performance gainsCommon mode voltage considerations for best performance are discussed
  • Digital multimeter (DMM)
Product Categories
  • Data converters

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Part Number Name Companion Part
ADS4449 ADS4449 Buy Datasheet
LMH6881 LMH6881 Buy Datasheet
LMH6882 LMH6882 Buy Datasheet
TPS2400 TPS2400 Buy Datasheet
TPS62420 TPS62420 Buy Datasheet
TPS7A8001 TPS7A8001 Buy Datasheet

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