PR1070 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Host-controlled Single Li Ion Battery Charger from Adapter or USB input


PR1070 configures the bq24160 battery charger to provide a system rail of at least 3.7V while charging a single LiIon battery from either a USB supply (4.2V to 6V) or a wall adapter (4.2V- 10V). Using I2C communication: the charge voltage can be set up to 4.44V: the charge current can be set up to 2.5A and the input current limit for each can be set up to 1.5A for the USB input or 2.5A for the adapter input. During adapter detection: the bq24160 uses its D+/D- inputs to determine if the port is SDP (with 100mA current limit) or CDP/DCP (with 1.5A current limit).

Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
BQ24160 BQ24160 Buy Datasheet

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