PMP9765 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive USB Charging Port Supply Reference Design with Charging Controller and Cable Compensation


This reference design includes a power management circuit which is capable of controlling a remote USB charging port in an automotive application environment. The circuit can be supplied directly from the car battery rail. It uses a small and highly efficient step down converter: the TPS62130A-Q1: to regulate the required USB bus voltage for charging with charge currents up to 2.5A.The USB charging port is controlled and protected by using a USB charging controller: the TPS2549-Q1: this charging controller is also used to monitor the charge current for adjusting the output voltage of the TPS62130A-Q1. This way the voltage drop across the cable connection to the USB port is compensated. In addition: the TPS2549-Q1 generates all required signals to indicate a USB charging port to the equipment connected to the port.

  • Complete power solution for a remote USB charging portInput overvoltage protection for surge voltages up to 40VSupports charge currents up to 2.5AIntegrated cable voltage drop compensation for 1% accurate load regulationUp to 92% efficiency at full output powerLess than 450-mm² PCB area required for the complete solution
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  • Power management

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