PMP9759 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Low Power TEC Driver Reference Design


This reference design details a power management circuit which is capable to source and sink current for driving a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) to control the temperature of sensitive devices: like laser diodes or sensors. It supports a small solution based on a completely integrated buck boost converter requiring only a few external components. With a simple high impedance analog voltage input to control the current flowing through the TEC it can be used as a power solution for a microcontroller based temperature control system.

  • Source and sink current capability to drive a TEC More than 1.5 A source current possible High impedance analog control input Less than 180 mm² required for the complete power solution Simple design: small BOM More than 90% efficiency over a wide operating range
  • Laser
Product Categories
  • Power management


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TPS63020 TPS63020 Buy Datasheet

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