PMP9753 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Energy Buffering for Long-Life Battery Applications Reference Design


Long-Life Batteries like LiSOCl2 chemistry are unable to provide currents higher than e.g. 20mA. They furthermore suffer with reduced operation runtimes when higher currents are drawn. This application concept shows a proven reference design for a combination of TPS62740 and a Super-Capacitor powered by a long life primary cell. In this Reference Design: the Ultra-Low Quiescent Current Buck Converter TPS62740 charges a Supercapacitor to buffer energy for load peaks.As seen at APEC

  • Peak Power AssistanceEnergy BufferingLonger Battery Runtime>15 years Operating RuntimeEfficient Super Capacitor Charging
  • Wireless environmental sensor
  • Glass break detector
  • Door & window sensor
  • Water leak detector
  • Wireless communications
  • Keyfob or panic button
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
TPS62740 TPS62740 Buy Datasheet

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