PMP9492 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

CISPR 25 Class 5 Multi-Output Power Supply Reference Design for Rear Camera: Automotive ADAS Systems


PMP9492 is a conducted EMI optimized (CISPR 25 Class 5) 9 W Multi output Design for  Wide Range Vin automotive ADAS application that supports Cold –Cranking Conditions . The design uses an LM53603 regulator IC (used as Buck): LM26420 (used as dual Buck) and TPS60150 regulator IC (used as Charge pump for 5V output). The design accepts an input voltage of 4.5Vin to 20Vin and provides the outputs of 3.3V @ 1.0A: 2.5V @ 1.0A: 1.8V @ 1.0A: and 5V @ 100mA. It features a small size and is an inexpensive and more efficient solution customized for ADAS and other Automotive related applications. The Board dimension of PMP9492 PCB is 2600mil × 4000mil. Four layer PCB was used for the design.

  • Triple Buck + Charge Pump for Lower Power Rear Camera ADAS Application In compliance with the CISPR 25 Class 5 conducted emissions standard: passing both AM & FM radio band testsAll devices Switching frequency 2.1MHz EMI performance optimized layoutSingle Differential Filter for all the Switching Converters4.5V to 20V wide Vin range- Supports Cold Cranking Conditions
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  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM26420 LM26420 Buy Datasheet
TPS60150 TPS60150 Buy Datasheet

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