PMP9484 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Highly Efficient and Compact 100W Automotive Amplifier Reference Design with Boost Converter


PMP9484 is a 100W highly efficient and compact automotive amplifier reference design which can be used in 50W +50W stereo or 100W woofer applications.  The design is broadly divided into three main stages:1.) Highly efficient single-phase synchronous boost converter using the LM5122 controller IC.  The design accepts an input voltage of 7.5Vin to 20Vin (12Vin nominal) and provides an output of 24V capable of supplying 5A of continuous current to the load.  The peak efficiency acheived is 98 percent.2.) 50W+ 50W stereo audio amplifier with TPA3116D2 Class D device3.) Very low cost stereo input to woofer bass input conversion

  • Synchronous rectification in boost for very high efficiencyUltra-low footprint area for LM5122Actual power stage combo with highly efficient class D amplifierSingle speaker (woofer): dual speaker (stereo) support in the designLow Vin support for automotive application
  • Automotive external amplifier
  • Aftermarket audio amplifier
  • Virtual engine sound system (VESS)
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
CSD18501Q5A CSD18501Q5A Buy Datasheet
LM324 LM324 Buy Datasheet
LM5122 LM5122 Buy Datasheet
TPA3116D2 TPA3116D2 Buy Datasheet

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