PMP9476 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

15W Automotive Start Stop Power Supply


PMP9476 is non-sync buck converter plus a non-sync boost controller accepts an input voltage of 3.5V to 40V: and outputs 5V: capable of providing 3A of current to the load.

  • Small form factor Start Stop SupplyClass 5 CISPR 25 Conducted EMI compliantReverse Polarity Protection Built InSingle rectifier system: eliminated the boost high side rectifier with PFETPFET to replace LM3481 controller rectifier to improve efficiency and thermal performanceLow Component Temperature Rise
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM26003-Q1 LM26003-Q1 Buy Datasheet
LM3481-Q1 LM3481-Q1 Buy Datasheet
TL432B-Q1 TL432B-Q1 Buy Datasheet

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PMP9476 Gerber 27 Feb 2015 ZIP 93
PMP9476 CAD Files 27 Feb 2015 ZIP 680
PMP9476 PCB 26 Feb 2015 PDF 529
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