PMP9415 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Isolated Fly-Buck Power Module for PoE Application


The PMP9415 reference design is an single output isolated Fly-Buck power supply for PoE application. It takes 48V nominal input and provides 12V 1A output. The board is designed only Power part which can provide 33V-57V input votlage and 12V 1A output power. The design features the LM5160 synchronous buck converter configured as a Fly-Buck regulator. With the benefit of primary side regulation: the supply has the outputs regulated without the opto-coupler or additional transformer winding. The LM5160 has a wide Vin range of 4.5V to 65V and 1.5A output current capability with integrated switch FETs. The input voltage to the reference board can be loosely regulated with a range of 40V to 57V. 

  • • Single 12V 1A output• Fly-Buck converter design: primary side regulation: compact solution with TPS2378• Wide input voltage range  of 33V to 57V• Provide 12W supply power : 89% peak efficiency.• LM5160 sync buck regulator: up to 65V wide Vin range: 1.5A capability• This circuit board is tested: and the design files and test report are included.
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  • Power management

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