PMP9357 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Altera Arria V FPGA Power Supply Reference Design


The PMP9357 reference design is a complete power solution for Altera's Arria V series FPGAs.  This design uses several TPS54620 synchronous step down converters: LDOs: and a DDR termination regulator to provide all the necessary rails to power the FPGA.  To provide correct power sequencing: a UCD90120A power supply sequencer/monitor is used and can be controlled through I2C.

  • Provides all the power rails needed to power an Altera Arria V FPGADesign optimized to support a 5V inputVery high density PCB design saving board areaOptimum combination of switching regulators and LDOs provides the best power distribution treeSupports DDR3 memory deviceThis design is tested and ready to power up an Arria V FPGA
  • Baseband unit (BBU)
  • Edge router
  • Intra-DC interconnect (metro)
  • Inter-DC interconnect (long-haul
  • submarine)
  • Core router
  • Performance client
  • High performance computing
  • Active antenna system mMIMO (AAS)
  • Indoor backhaul
  • Campus & branch switches
  • Cell site gateway router
  • Multi-access edge computing (MEC)
  • Data center switch
  • Macro remote radio unit (RRU)
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
SN74AVC4T245 SN74AVC4T245 Buy Datasheet
TPS51200 TPS51200 Buy Datasheet
TPS54620 TPS54620 Buy Datasheet
TPS7A7300 TPS7A7300 Buy Datasheet
UCD90120A UCD90120A Buy Datasheet

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PMP9357 Layer Plots 28 Apr 2014 PDF 2959
PMP9357 Fabrication Files 28 Apr 2014 ZIP 4792
PMP9357 Assembly Files 28 Apr 2014 ZIP 4699
PMP9357 Gerber 18 Feb 2014 ZIP 1439
PMP9357 BOM 18 Feb 2014 PDF 103
PMP9357 Schematic 18 Feb 2014 PDF 254