PMP8790 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Active Clamp Forward Quarter Brick (18 to 60Vdc Input 3.3V/12A) Reference Design


This reference design generates a 3.3V/12A output from a wide 18V-60V telecom input. The UCC2897A controls an active clamp forward converter power stage. The low gate charge and low RDSon of the CSD17501Q5A and CSD18502Q5B: implemented as self-driven synchronous rectifiers: provide for an efficient design. This design is laid out in a standard quarter brick footprint and includes enable: positive rail remote sense: and output trimming features.

  • Baseband unit (BBU)
  • Active antenna system mMIMO (AAS)
  • Indoor backhaul
  • Macro remote radio unit (RRU)
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
CSD17501Q5A CSD17501Q5A Buy Datasheet
TLV431A TLV431A Datasheet
UCC2897A UCC2897A Buy Datasheet

Bill Of Materials

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PMP8790 Gerber 25 Feb 2013 ZIP 301
PMP8790 PCB 25 Feb 2013 PDF 250
PMP8790 BOM 25 Feb 2013 PDF 18
PMP8790 Schematic 25 Feb 2013 PDF 73