PMP7979 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

12Vin to 67Vin: 54Vout at 4.8A: 260W Dual-Phase Boost Reference Design


PMP7979 is a synchronous dual-phase boost power supply using the LM5122 controllers. The design accepts an input voltage of 12 V to 67 V: and boosts a 54-V output rail that is capable of sourcing 4.8-A continuous current. The LM5122 has an internal current source to keep the high-side FET to run at 100% duty cycle: which allows a bypass operation when the input voltage is greater than the configured output voltage.

  • 12 Vin to 67 Vin: 54 Vout at 5-A out; IC capable of 4.5 Vin to 65 Vin260-W PoutPeak efficiency at 98%Switching frequency 100 kHz per phase (200 kHz)Board size: 4 in x 3 in
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
LM5122 LM5122 Buy Datasheet

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