PMP6740 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

90VAC-265VAC Input: 12V @ 18W Flyback With Primary-Side Regulation


The PMP6740 reference design provides 12V at 18W from a universal AC input of 90VAC-265VAC input. This design uses the TL2844 controller with primary side regulation (no optocoupler) for a low cost power solution.

  • String inverter
  • Micro inverter
  • AC charging (pile) station
  • Servo drive power supply module
  • Central inverter
  • Energy storage power conversion system (PCS)
  • EV charging station power module
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
TL2844 TL2844 Buy Datasheet

Bill Of Materials

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Other Documents

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PMP6740 Gerber 31 Aug 2011 ZIP 296
PMP6740 PCB 31 Aug 2011 PDF 200
PMP6740 Schematic 31 Aug 2011 PDF 64
PMP6740 BOM 31 Aug 2011 PDF 30