PMP6252 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Using UCC25710 to design cost effective LED Power


PMP6252 is a reference design for 90W LCD TV power by using the UCC28051 to construct PFC: UCC25710 to construct LED driver LLC converter: UCC25600 to construct 5V and 12V converter and UCC28610 to construct standby flyback converter. This driver provides 4 outputs including LED driver: 12.7V 3A: 5V 3A and 5V standby 2A; and has the capability to operate at 90~264Vac.The LED driver is designed using multi-transformer topology by UCC25710 which can improve efficiency: has protection function and decrease component count. A thorough analysis of PFC: LLC: cascade QR flyback operation and performance along with design optimization guidelines are presented. Experimental results obtained on every general condition load are provided.

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  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
UCC25600 UCC25600 Buy Datasheet
UCC25710 UCC25710 Buy Datasheet
UCC28051 UCC28051 Buy Datasheet
UCC28610 UCC28610 Buy Datasheet

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PMP6252 BOM 16 Aug 2011 PDF 23
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PMP6252 Schematic 16 Aug 2011 PDF 88