PMP5568 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

A Fully Featured: 350W Offline High Performance Power Supply Reference Design


This project is a complete 350W: high performance: high speed offline power supply solution. It contains a novel: microcontroller-driven synchronous bridge rectifier: a 2-phase interleaved PFC stage and a phase-shifted fullbridge as down converter. It has an universal input (85 .. 265V AC) and the output voltage is adjustable between 12 and 14V. The continuous output current is 25A: the peak current is 27A. A second microcontroller monitors several values (input voltage: PFC voltage: output voltage: output current: temperatures): is the interface to the user (LCD: push-buttons): adjusts the output voltage and synchronizes the switching frequency of all converters.

  • Fanless switching frequency could be adjusted for “out of RF band operation”µC is able to vary the switching frequency: too (“Dithering”)
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
MSP430F2252 MSP430F2252 Buy Datasheet
TPS3809K33 TPS3809K33 Buy Datasheet
UCC28070 UCC28070 Buy Datasheet
UCC28950 UCC28950 Buy Datasheet


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Other Documents

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