PMP5486 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Sync Buck for Intel IMVP6+ Atom Reference Design


The Atom IMVP6+ power management design provides power to the processor's core. The synchronous-buck controller is designed specifically to power IMVP Mobile Processors and implements TI's D-CAP+ control to reduce compoennt count: maintain tight voltage regulation accuracy: and improve the transient response performance. The design also features TI's NEXFET Power Blck to reduce the total solution size.

  • Design supports up to 15V inputSmall double-sided form-factor: 0.985 x 0.5"Fast rise and fall times for excellent efficiencyDesign optimized for 5A continuous outputLow ripple: 18mVReference design has been built and tested"
  • Desktop PC/motherboard
  • Docking station
  • Chromebook & WOA
  • Standard notebook PC
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
TLV3404 TLV3404 Buy Datasheet
TPS51610 TPS51610 Buy Datasheet
UCC27324 UCC27324 Buy Datasheet

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PMP5486 PCB 15 Aug 2013 PDF 644
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PMP5486 Schematic 14 Aug 2013 PDF 159