PMP5141 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

85VAC-265VAC Input 24V/240W Output 90% Efficient PFC + LLC


The PMP5141 reference design provides a 24V/10A output with power factor correction from a universal AC input voltage range. This design uses the UCC28051 to control the front end PFC boost stage. The output of the PFC is followed by a UCC25600 LLC resonant half-bridge. The total efficieny: from input to output is over 92% from a 220VAC/50Hz input and over 90% from a 120VAC/60Hz input.

  • Video recorder
  • Up/down/cross conversion
  • Elevator main control panel
  • Routing & transport systems for broadcast
  • Distribution amplifier
Product Categories
  • Power management


Part Number Name Companion Part
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TL331-EP TL331-EP Buy Datasheet
TL431 TL431 Buy Datasheet
UCC25600 UCC25600 Buy Datasheet
UCC28019 UCC28019 Buy Datasheet

Bill Of Materials

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Other Documents

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PMP5141 Gerber 07 Sep 2011 ZIP 246
PMP5141 PCB 07 Sep 2011 PDF 762
PMP5141 BOM 02 Aug 2011 PDF 103
PMP5141 Schematic 02 Aug 2011 PDF 214