PMP41058 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Power supply reference design for Horizon Robotics Journey 5 with one PMIC


This reference design provides the power supply for the Horizon Robotics Journey 5 (J5) system-on-chip (SoC) power rails. The original power source is the battery, the pre-regulator uses the LM5143A-Q1 dual-synchronous buck controller to convert the battery voltage to a 5-V bus. The power-management IC (PMIC) TPS6594-Q1, buck convertors TPS62877-Q1, TPS62810-Q1, and TPS628501-Q1 convert 5 V to the power rails for J5 requirements. The TPS6594-Q1 is a custom nonvolatile memory (NVM)for J5 output configuration and sequencing. The output rails have line and load regulation, and the power rail for the J5 high-current requirement core and battery protection unit (BPU) has load transient performance that meet the J5 power-supply specifications.

  • Custom NVM PMIC TPS6594-Q1 for J5 output configuration and sequencing
  • Line and load regulation meet J5 specifications
  • Load transient performance for J5 high-current requirement core and BPU
  • Front Sensors
  • Multi-sensor object data
  • Multi-sensor raw front camera & radar
  • Multi-sensor raw front camera & object data radar
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Part Number Name Companion Part
LM5143QRHARQ1 LM5143QRHARQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6281006QWRWYRQ1 TPS6281006QWRWYRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6281008QWRWYRQ1 TPS6281008QWRWYRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS628100MQWRWYRQ1 TPS628100MQWRWYRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6281020QWRWYRQ1 TPS6281020QWRWYRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS62810QWRWYRQ1 TPS62810QWRWYRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6285010MQDRLRQ1 TPS6285010MQDRLRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6285010MQDYCRQ1 TPS6285010MQDYCRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6285011HQDRLRQ1 TPS6285011HQDRLRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS62850140QDYCRQ1 TPS62850140QDYCRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6285018AQDRLRQ1 TPS6285018AQDRLRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS628501QDRLRQ1 TPS628501QDRLRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS62876QWRZVRQ1 TPS62876QWRZVRQ1 Buy Datasheet
XPS62876QWRZVRQ1 XPS62876QWRZVRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM74700QDBVRQ1 LM74700QDBVRQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM74700QDBVTQ1 LM74700QDBVTQ1 Buy Datasheet
LM74700QDDFRQ1 LM74700QDDFRQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65940400RWERQ1 TPS65940400RWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65941111RWERQ1 TPS65941111RWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65941212RWERQ1 TPS65941212RWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65941213RWERQ1 TPS65941213RWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65941319RWERQ1 TPS65941319RWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6594133ARWERQ1 TPS6594133ARWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS6594141BRWERQ1 TPS6594141BRWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65941421RWERQ1 TPS65941421RWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS65941515RWERQ1 TPS65941515RWERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS389006004RTERQ1 TPS389006004RTERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS38900603NRTERQ1 TPS38900603NRTERQ1 Buy Datasheet
TPS389006ADJRTERQ1 TPS389006ADJRTERQ1 Buy Datasheet

Bill Of Materials

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Detailed schematic diagram for design layout and components

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Test Data

Test results for the reference design, including efficiency graphs, test prerequisites and more

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