PMP40544 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

Automotive USB Type-A charger reference design with 3-m USB-IF near-end compliant


This reference design is for an automotive USB Type-A charger with 3 meters USB-IF near-end compliant. The TPS25840-Q1 is used as DC-DC regulator and data switch and TUSB217-Q1 is used as high speed signal conditioner to improve signal quality. The efficiency of the solution is 93.3% at a 12-W output: which leads to only 20.5 °C temperature rise. Programmable cable droop compensation helps portable devices charge at optimum current and voltage under heavy loads. USB 2.0 high-speed near-end eye compliance test is passed on the design with a cable as long as 3 meters.

  • Good eye performance with a cable as long as three meters93.3% efficiency at 12-W outputOnly 20.5 °C temperature riseProgrammable cable droop compensation for optimum charging
  • Automotive USB charge
  • Automotive media hub
Product Categories
  • Power management