PMP40496 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

2-cell boost charge system reference design with 5-V USB


This 5-V USB: 2-cell battery boost charger reference design includes a charger system and a 2-cell battery holder with a gauge that can be connected by a cable or work independently. The key components of the charger system include the BQ25883 boost charger: TUSB320LAI Type-C CC logic: MSP430FR2433 microcontroller (MCU): OLED display: USB Type-C and Micro B connecters. The battery gauge is BQ28Z610: which combined with the internal ADC of BQ25883: display the charge and battery parameters. This design can be connected to your own system via a signal connector J5: making it a plug-in turnkey solution. The design is suitable for portable electronics applications: such as POS: Bluetooth® speakers and portable printers.

  • Bidirectional charging and on-the-go (OTG) operation for a 5-V USB 2-cell battery systemSupports USB Type-C dual role port (DRP): USB 3.0 and BC1.2System can be divided into two independent partsOLED displays charging parameters and battery status in real timeMerge to external system easily
  • Barcode scanner
  • RFID reader
  • Portable data terminal
  • Portable POS
Product Categories
  • Power management