PMP40488 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

6-W dual-output SEPIC converter reference design


This reference design employs LM5155 Boost/Flyback/SEPIC controller to provide 6-W outputs with dual-output SEPIC topology. The input is 12-VDC: and outputs are ±60 V/50 mA. The switching frequency is set at 500k Hz. This design achieves 88.2% peak efficiency. The cross regulation of -60-V rail is within ±4% at the total load range. External voltage control pin is optional to regulate output voltage from 0~60 V. The high efficiency and small PCB dimensions (25mm*14mm*4.5mm) make the design suitable for portable ultrasound probe application.

  • Outputs ±60-V/50-mA symmetrically with programmable option from 0 to 60 V by external control signal88.2% peak efficiencyCross regulation within ±4% of -60-V rail500k-Hz switching frequency for small PCB dimension
  • Ultrasound smart probe
Product Categories
  • Power management

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