PMP40473 Reference Design

Texas Instruments

85 - 115-Vac input to isolated three-output flyback reference design for washing machines


This is a quasi-resonance (QR) flyback reference design for industrial applications: which illustrates how to convert AC input voltage 85 - 115 Vac to isolated multiple outputs: 24 V/0.5 A: 12 V/0.9 A and 15 V/20 mA using the UCC28600 Controller. The quasi-resonant switching of the UCC28600 allows this design to achieve peak efficiency of up to 87.5% while the no-load losses are less than 82 mW.

  • Generates multiple isolated output voltages which mitigates noise between outputsEnables standby operation with low power consumption (less than 82 mW) at no loadProvides efficient power conversion with greater than 87.5% peak efficiency
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